120: Babs_Seed blank_flank digital Extradan filly MLP_FiM pony swearing vulgar

Pudge: Ah, Derpibooru. Fine place.
Retl: Yeah. Usually good fun there now and then.
Zychotic: Yes! Damn those balloons!!! Damn them to hell for being so awesome!!!!!!!!!

95: balloon bay_area_balloon grand_balloons photo printed_balloon

Zychotic: R.I.P. Bay Area Balloons :(

116: Alicorn artist:Kloudmutt balloon balloon_sitting MLPFiM Nightmare_Night Pegacorn pony Princess_Luna suggestive Unicorn wings

Zychotic: This would be cooler if it wasn't an MLP character...

129: balloons balloon_popping Equestria_Girls My_Little_Pony popping Sunset_Shimmer Twilight_Sparkle

Zychotic: Wow, that is going to really confuse a lot of non-poppers... LOL

128: balloons balloon_popping Equestria_Girls My_Little_Pony Pinkie_Pie popping Twilight_Sparkle

Zychotic: Looks more like hopping not popping.

107: balloons photo

Zychotic: What kind?
Retl: @Zychotic: I forgot. Most likely a selection of Perfect Products and Tufftex.

124: balloon, blowing demoness,

Retl: This one looks gorgeous as well!

125: angel, balloon, blowing

Retl: Oooh. Pretty. o.o

108: balloon bubblegum-girl fanart

Retl: Poooooon!
Thanks! :D I kinda owe you, because that's adoratastic. <3

99: balloon fanart Luna pop s2p

Retl: Dood, this is awesome. <3

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